Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a day - under illustrationall-on-four-dental-implantsAs few as four dental implants can be used to support twelve teeth in one arch (upper or lower). This reduces the cost greatly for permanent teeth. Dr. Vigna also uses the unique Zygoma implant from Nobel Biocare for severe cases of bone loss in the upper jaw. How is his possible, you may ask?

The research and studies have shown over the last ten years that immediate load is possible with implants as long as they are braced together by a single prosthesis at the time of insertion. Torque levels of the implants are also critical and this is ensured by under preparation of the bone site.

Day of the procedure, hopeless or useless teeth are removed, dental implants are inserted at special angles and your new teeth are attached that same day. It’s a long day, but an important one for the rest of your life. If you are having dental implants placed, ensure your teeth will be fixed and your smile permanent.

If you can afford it, don’t accept removable options. The cost difference is not that great if you consider the long term maintenance costs with removable clip on dentures. You want to eat and smile today; not in six months. Don’t be fooled by pretenders who entice you with permanent solutions, then encourage only the removable option. We deliver what we promise. Removable clip on dentures are a more affordable option and better than no treatment at all. We also provide this treatment. But, they are still dentures that collect food and require frequent removal for cleaning and they cannot be worn at night.

Our permanent teeth solution is not removable by you, even if you wanted to do so. Removable clip on dentures wear and tear and require yearly maintenance that is expensive and is often not discussed up front. Ask your denturist what these costs really are. You will find that fixed permanent solutions save you time and money overtime. Removable dentures require implants to be inserted and covered. Healing and integration of four months is required. Your teeth will be ready typically in six months after your initial procedure. You will have a difficult time wearing your temporary teeth. They are loose and often gag you at the palate. Most patients choose not to wear them while they wait for their teeth to be completed (often six months or more). With our technique, you receive your permanent teeth the same day.


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